Things I Like List, take 1

 Companies I admire

  1. Khan Academy. Making learning resources available for free to make better learning more accessible.
  2. Riot Games. They are continually trying to build a strong community in a field where bad behavior (online games) has traditionally been common. They take player feedback to heart, and they’re constantly adapting the game for balance and player experience. Also, they just released a visual and technical redesign of the main player space to improve the gaming experience.
  3. Adobe. Their programs’ integration with each other allows artists, designers, and other producers to be more productive.
  4. Apple. For having an integrated hardware and software ecosystem.
  5. YouTube (owned by Google). They gave individuals more accessible voices than just blogging could. Really useful as a knowledge-sharing platform.
  6. Ideo. In all of their designs, the importance of the people who use them. They also host courses to teach people the method of human-centered design.

Digital products I use a lot

  1. Gmail, Calendar, Maps (Google), desktop + mobile. They just help me keep on top of everything that’s going on.

  2. Splitwise, mobile. It helps me keep track of expenses in a shared living situation.

  3. Yelp (Yelp, Inc), mobile +  desktop. It helps me decide where to go when I want to try something new.

  4. Feedly (Feedly Team), desktop and rarely mobile. Manages my information flow by consolidating my online reading.

  5. OrderAhead (Kinetic Farm, Inc.) / GrubHub Food Delivery/Takeout (GrubHub), mobile. For when I don’t want to wait in line at a restaurant.

  6. Podcast Republic (NonlinearSoft), mobile. Easy way to organize the podcasts I listen to that’s more intuitive than Google Play.

  7. F.lux, desktop and mobile. Blue light keeps you awake at night by suppressing melatonin production, so f.lux helps me sleep better despite myself by turning some it down on my devices.

3) Digital products I admire or like

  1. Trello. Good for collaboration and task management

  2. Evernote.

  3. Instagram

  4. Shazam

  5. InVision

Topics/Ideas I'm really interested in

  1. machine learning and AI for research and to inform human behavior
  2. Internet of Things
  3. motivation, habits, behavior modification
  4. gaming and gamification
  5. health
  6. education and learning
  7. UI, esp. animations and information dashboards
  8. 3D printing
  9. assistive technology